Senior Decision Makers From European TOCs And ROSCOs With The Following Job Titles:

  • Engineering Directors
  • Fleet Directors
  • Directors Of Fleet Reliability
  • Heads Of Engineering
  • Heads Of Maintenance
  • Heads Of Fleet
  • Heads Of Department
  • Heads Of Rolling Stock & Depots
  • Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Depot Managers
  • Condition Monitoring Managers
  • Continuous Improvement Managers

Plus Industry Stakeholders From:

  • Train Manufacturers
  • Train Maintenance Consultants
  • IT Maintenance Management System Suppliers
  • Remote Condition Monitoring System Suppliers
  • Wayside Diagnostics Suppliers
  • OEM Component Suppliers
  • Wheel-Set Suppliers
  • Breaking Component Suppliers
  • Bogie Suppliers
  • Metallurgy Companies
  • Interior Furnishing Companies
  • Train Refurbishment Material Suppliers
  • Pantograph / Energy Equipment Suppliers
  • Running Gear Suppliers
  • Maintenance Equipment Suppliers
  • Climate Control System Suppliers

Rolling Stock Fleet Maintenance Cost Reduction 2014

As we continue to grapple with the challenge of improving fleet reliability and availability with reduced maintenance budgets and an increasing demand for traffic, there has never been a greater need for TOCs and ROSCOs to drive efficiencies in rolling stock fleet maintenance.

The next stage of questions that must be answered if we are to continue to increase fleet performance for the lowest cost are:

To what extent can condition-based monitoring tools and efficient maintenance strategies improve maintenance efficiency?

How can we manage data cost-effectively and in a way that repays the investment of collecting it in the first place?

How can we continue to improve fleet reliability and availability and reduce downtime in a cost-reduction environment?

The Rolling Stock Fleet Maintenance series remains the only rail industry initiative focusing on the costs and efficiencies of rolling stock fleet maintenance by presenting a host of carefully selected TOC and ROSCO speakers who demonstrated how significant improvements can be cost-effectively achieved through the modernisation, refurbishment, retrofitting of existing vehicles.

Rolling Stock Fleet Maintenance Cost-Reduction 2014 was designed specifically for Engineering Managers and Directors at European TOCs and ROSCOs to facilitate case study sharing and deliver practical, tried and tested solutions for driving down the cost of maintenance while continuing to improve the reliability and availability of fleets.


  • APPROACHES FOR MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME DESIGN : Comparing experiences of key maintenance approaches and methodologies to assess how each impacts cost and availability
  • DATA MANAGEMENT : Examining approaches and new systems for transforming raw data into information to optimise maintenance planning and cost-effectively trigger automatic maintenance operations
  • REMOTE CONDITION MONITORING : Assessing how to integrate condition-based monitoring activities and determining whether the benefits of reduced downtime of vehicles and reduced maintenance costs was realised
  • RELIABILITY-CENTRED MAINTENANCE : Identifying a best practice model for applying RCM and examining the extent to which the methodology has increased reliability and eliminated unnecessary maintenance costs
  • MANAGING SUPPLIER CONTRACTS : Identifying opportunities to increase control of the supply chain and drive down material costs through efficient supplier contract management
  • EXTENDING FLEET LIFESPAN : Optimising component lifecycles, fleet integration plans and obsolescence management to extend lifespan of the fleet
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  • The only commercially focused rail industry initiative dedicated to reducing the costs of rolling stock fleet maintenance while improving reliability and availability
  • Hear strategic and technical case studies from 20+ Engineering Directors, Department Heads and Chief Engineers representing renowned TOCs and ROSCOs on how they are delivering efficient and cost-effective fleet maintenance
  • Gain critical insights on how TOCs have developed and applied optimal maintenance programme design, data management, remote condition monitoring, reliability-centred maintenance and supplier relations
  • Benefit from an agenda that addresses the genuine needs of the industry put together from primary, in-depth research conducted with leading TOCs and ROSCOs from across Europe and North America
  • Take the opportunity to network with industry leaders, build new contacts to establish mutually beneficial supplier partnerships and drive down material costs through efficient supplier relations
  • Utilise the experiences of a host of major TOCs and ROSCOs through collaborative discussions on logistical and engineering solutions for managing closed supply chains



"The conference was extremely well organised with good, relevant content from a wide European base which enables a look at other ideas and...


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